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Exhausted (art) geographies, Jelena Petrović

Exhausted (art) geographies, Jelena Petrović

“Exhausted (art) geographies. An attempt to define the geopolitically of contemporary art.” est un article parue dans la magazine Feature, écrit par Jelena Petrović, universitaire féministe et (co)autrice de nombreux articles, événements et projets interdisciplinaires liés aux questions post-yougoslaves. Cette article est une ressource mobilisée lors de la conversation entre Julie Ramage et Clelia Bartoli pour le podcast “Pratiques Génératives“.

Retrouvez l’article ici.

After many theoretical, practical and political attempts to define the geopoliticality of contemporary art, especially after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, we are faced with an impossibility to define the politics of geographic location outside the global map of the neoliberal distribution of power. Using different means of diversification – the old ones such as colonial, capitalist and patriarchal mechanisms of social and geographical (re)production and the new ones such as technological, scientific and (techno)cultural methods of social and territorial identification – our global world has become a geopolitical location where the majority of people do not belong. Inhuman chains of migrations together with catastrophic climate changes are ultimate geopolitical exposures of today’s social class structures within the neoliberal globality in the living age of permanent war.

Jelena Petrović, “Exhausted (art) geographies” in Feature

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