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#Exploration – Effets mutuels : nourriture, soin et communs à Sheffield, de Carpenter au Covid (EN)

#Exploration – Effets mutuels : nourriture, soin et communs à Sheffield, de Carpenter au Covid (EN)

“Mutual Effects” est l’art en tant que recherche sociale, une tapisserie de sons s’inspirant des intérêts de la cartographie approfondie et du mouvement d’observation de masse pour relier les espaces de soins, de coopération et de convivialité dans une ville du nord de la Grande-Bretagne pendant le COVID-19. À travers des prismes historiques et contemporains de l’activisme alimentaire de base, un récit libre se déplace entre les enregistrements sur le terrain d’un pèlerinage piétonnier dans l’ancienne ferme communale d’Edward Carpenter dans le Derbyshire, au son de 45 kg de pois sauvés qui sont écossés dans une cuisine commune, et à travers une série de conversations qui exposent les dures réalités de l’austérité et de l’hostilité dans l’ombre de l’État monolithique post-européen. Les enregistrements sont tissés de musique provenant du patrimoine sonore des collectifs de musique de Sheffield (et au-delà dans certains cas), tous produits et diffusés pendant le confinement. Le projet est une collaboration entre Out.Side.Film et Al McGregor, avec le soutien d’Ivor Davies, et se concentre sur le travail de Foodhall, Open Kitchen Social Club et National Food Service.

Retranscription du podcast en français.
Retranscription du podcast en anglais. 

Copyright photo : Open Kitchen Social Club par Laura Page Photography

Avec la participation de :

0’00″/ Introduction to Edward Carpenter’s ’Civilisation, It’s Causes and Cure’ (1889}. Read by Ivor Davies

1’41” / Walking from Edward Carpenter’s former farm commune in Mi\tthorpe in Derbyshire to Foodhall in Sheffield city centre. Introducing the walkers:
Ivor Davies works transnationally on learning and research in the cultural and social fields, from a base in Sheffield.
Carissa Honeywell is a senior lecturer in politics at Sheffield Hallam University, specialising in anarchist political thought, and non violent communication (NVC) practices. Her book ‘A conceptual introduction to anarchism’ is coming out on 2nd Nov 2020. Ian Nesbitt is a socially engaged artist, filmmaker and cultural worker based in Sheffield. He is a co- founder of Open Kitchen Social Club and co-runs ‘Two Foot Left’, a weekly radio DJ mix showcasing the best of sonic DIY culture from Sheffield and worldwide.

5’37 ” / Nick Jonah Davis — ’Placebound Spirits’ from Placebound Spirits e.p, self- released May 2020. Recorded in and around the housing co-op where Nick lives in rural Derbyshire

8’30” /  Walking from Bloc Studios to former site of Commonwealth Cafe on Scotland Street with artist Yuen Fong Ling.
Yuen is an artist, curator and researcher based in Sheffield whose art project ’Towards Memorial’ “explores the question ‘What do you stand for?’ by remaking a pair of sandals designed and made by the socialist writer, poet and activist Edward Carpenter (1844-1929).” 

10’19” / Front of house, Foodhall.
“Foodhall is a community  and cultural centre in Sheffield. It is managed in an open co-operative way, using new models of collective organising to actively solve some of societies biggest issues, tackling social isolation, encouraging integration and making a real difference where it matters the most. During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic our emergency food parcel response has fed over 12,000 people in the City, and volunteers have given over 7,000 hours of their time.” 

11’53” / C, volunteer, Foodhall

14’34” / Kitchen, Open Kitchen Social Club. “Established in 2014, Open Kitchen Social Club is a nomadic social eating project, which until March 2020 was  operating three weekly cafes in different community spaces in Sheffield city centre. We provide food, support, and a place to meet for destitute asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and anyone in food and social poverty. Food is free of charge to ensure that it is accessible and sustainable to those in the most need. Since March we have been running a delivery service of cooked meals prepared by us and food parcels from our partners Beanies Wholefoods, The Bhaji Shop and Burngreave Foodbank, delivering to around 90 people a week.”

20’15” /  Kitchen, Open Kitchen 20’47” / K, co-founder, Open Kitchen 22’40” / Kitchen, Open Kitchen

23’43” / Walking with artist Yuen Fong Ling
(details above)

25’58” / Mzylklpop ft. Regal Worm — ‘Ancient Bones’, featured on ‘Now That’s What I Call Quarantine volume 1’, released by Prole Jazz, April 2020

27’36” / Walking from Millthorpe to Foodhall (details above)

29’14” / Extract from a sermon preached by the Rev. Edward Carpenter at St. Edward’s Church, Cambridge, November 1872.
Subsequently titled: ‘On the International League’ and adapted in 2009 by the Rev. John Peirce for The Edward Carpenter Forum. Read by Ivor Davies

32’11” / Walking from Millthorpe to Foodhall (details above)

33’23” /  Kitchen, Open Kitchen 33’38” / F, co-founder, Open Kitchen

36’58” / Giovanni Verga — ‘Hypothesis 0’ featured on ‘Danse Macabre volume 4’ compilation released by Objet-A, April 2020. OBJET-A is a label founded in the early 90’s by the Italian composer and saxophone player 常 楽 Gianni Gebbia.

37’36” / K, Open Kitchen community member

40’17” / R, Open Kitchen community member

44’55” / Ricardo Pittau, Matteo Scano – ‘Fluttering On A Cosmic Wind’ featured on ‘Danse Macabre volume 4’ compilation released by Objet-A, April 2020

46’05” / Delivery round, Open Kitchen

48’17” / R and son, Open Kitchen community members

49’54” / H, with 2 daughters and 1 son, Open Kitchen community members

53’35” / Traint — ’Pure Foily’ featured on ‘Echo From Below: new music from Hatch volume 1′ released by Hatch, June 2020. Hatch is a DIY collective, practice room and venue in Sheffield. “We’re a proud  collective of disparate and strange individuals, all united in the joy of music  and chaos.” 

55’07” / A, Open Kitchen community member and delivery driver

61’13” / Front of house, Foodhall

64’29” / U, Foodhall volunteer and international student. ” I’m from India and I reside in the UK on a Tier-4 Student Visa. My immigration status comes with no recourse to UK public funds. I was able to afford to come & live in the UK in September 2018 due to a student loan from an Indian bank. In the last 2 years in Sheffield, I have endured multiple acts of discriminatory abuse based on racism & ableism. This has rendered me dysfunctional to study & work while inflicting a significant toll on my health. I am currently very ill (physically and psychologically) and can barely study productively, and pursuing gainful employment is impossible. I also have multiple learning difficulties (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia). I would like to request your help with paying off my current rent arrears and student loan, in order to save my family home.”

67’38” / Front of House, Foodhall

68’01” / S, Foodhall community member 74’41” / Kitchen, Foodhall

75’22” / B, community food manager, Foodhall

77’10” / S, kitchen volunteer, Foodhall

77’34” / Walking from Millthorpe, to Foodhall

78’03” / M, Open Kitchen community member

84’30” / Bulbils — ‘The Congregation’, from ‘Spring’, self-released April 2020. ‘Spring’ is the ninth of 49 albums recorded and released by Bulbils during lockdown

85’07” / Walking with artist Yuen Fong Ling

87’02” / Extract from Edward Carpenter’s autobiography ‘Ivy Days and Dreams’ (1916) chapter 7 – Sheffield and Socialism.
Read by Ivor Davies

89’50” / N, Open Kitchen community member

95’46” / Cellar Dweller — ’We’ll Meet In Dreams Outside’ from ‘Light Entries #1’ compilation released by Light Entries, May 2020

97’18” / S, Co-ordinator, National Food Service. “The National Food Service is a new public service, built by and for the communities that it serves. Our aim is to eliminate food insecurity and tackle the interconnected issues of social isolation and food waste. We are building a National Food Service right now, with communities across the country stretching from Glasgow to Falmouth. This network of initiatives is providing proof that a National Food Service is possible if we connect. The growth of a grassroots National Food Service will be the seed for bigger change.” 

100’38” /  Walking from Miflthorpe to Foodhall

101’37” / B, community food manager, Foodhall

102’10” / U, Foodhall volunteer and international student

104’07” / Phoneutrian — ’Landwaste’ featured on ‘Echo From Below: new music from Hatch volume 1’ (details above)

105’27” / K, co-founder, Open Kitchen

106’29” / S, Open Kitchen community member

108’48” / Walking from Millthorpe to Foodhall

110’37″ / Cellar Dweller — ‘We’ll meet In
Dreams Outside’ (details above)

111’36” / Walking from Millthorpe to Foodhall

113’38″ / Nick Jonah Davis — ‘Young Twigs’ from Placebound Spirits e.p (details above)

114’44″ / K, Open Kitchen community member

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