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Michaela Coel’s speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Michaela Coel’s speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

“I’m becoming clearer on what my role is in this industry”

Michaela Coel becomes the youngest and first non-white industry figure to deliver the prestigious MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival, a powerful call to action.

“The misfit doesn’t climb in pursuit of safety, or profit, she climbs to tell stories, she gets off the ladder and onto the swings; swinging back and forth, sometimes aggressively, sometimes standing up on the swing, back and forth, in pursuit of only transparency, observing the changes, but wonders if these changes are taking place within a faulty system.”

Michaela Coel breaks all kinds of barriers in her speech at the Edinburgh festival in. 2018. Deeply personal, she reflects on “misfits” and her sexual assault. Coel was presenting in 2018 the 43rd MacTaggart at the Edinburgh TV festival. Previous speakers include such powerful media men as Rupert Murdoch, Jeremy Paxman, John Humphrys and Greg Dyke. Only five lectures have been given by women. 

“I love telling stories, but I want this process of finding your role to be easier for other people. I really do, and that is really it for me.”

Michaela Coel’s speech

The PDF of the speech is available here.

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