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Ghostmarkets, Julie Ramage

Ghostmarkets, Julie Ramage

Pictures: © Julie Ramage

Ghostmarkets was born out of a research-cre­ation pro­ject that began in prison in September 2019. Taking as a starting point the ban on cur­rency in the prison space, economists, anthro­pol­o­gists, archae­ol­o­gists and chore­og­ra­phers were then invited to col­lab­o­rate with a working group set up inside the prison walls.

The research quickly evolved towards the way in which exchanges influ­ence the rela­­tion­­ships between bodies: trust or dis­­trust, provo­­ca­­tion or com­­plicity mark the prison chore­o­gra­­phies. The par­tic­i­­pants pro­­pose the cre­a­tion of a “cur­rency of esteem” made of sugar and con­crete, whose face value is indexed to the greeting rituals of deten­­tion; it guar­an­­tees, when entrusted to a peer, loy­alty and assis­­tance in all sit­u­a­­tions.

Following the inter­rup­tion of the pro­ject in March 2020, the idea was born to create a “ghost film” from the prepara­tory doc­u­ments of the aborted shooting: a living archive deploying the dia­logue out­side the walls, to place it in the con­text of the eco­nomic and health crisis we are going through.
Radio Commons is part­nering with artist Julie Ramage to offer a rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of this work during an after­noon of radio dis­cus­sions and read­ings.

Project man­age­ment and per­for­mance: Julie Ramage
Installation: Julie Ramage, Marina Ledrein, Jean-Pierre Aubry

With: Mouhad.S., JDH, Younès, Kapo, J-Marie Koeta, Habib, Silva, Ben, Christophe, Brali, Sparafucile, Youssef Rhnima, Philippe T., Ilich, John Dow, Olivier Royer-Perez, Melchior Simioni, David Rabouin, Sonia Manseri, Nadeera Rajapakse, Alice Mulliez, Van-Kim Tran, Laurence Mongin, Christophe Ramage

Pictures: © Esther Destrés et Céline Lanfranco

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