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Afrotropiques – R22 radio

Afrotropiques – R22 radio

Afrotopiques is the podcast of the association Génération Afrotopia. It appropriates the major contemporary issues to think about them from the South in general, and from Africa in particular.

Cultures, ecology, epistemology, philosophy, economics, politics… A moment of speaking to focus our attention on the civilisational issues of our time, to explore the paths – and hear the voices – in dissonance with the dominant discourse.

Afrotopics takes the shape of a series of interviews with intellectuals, researchers, activists, artists, citizen activists, entrepreneurs, farmers… who share their ideas or initiatives, transform our imaginations, and participate in the creation of a world that is habitable and desirable for all.

Find for example the podcast available in French “Une écologie décoloniale – Rencontre avec Malcolm Ferdinand” source used for the Radio Commons podcast “Pour d’autres habiter monde”.

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