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We are the sea in the Earth

We are the sea in the Earth

The Episode “We are the sea in the Earth” talks about the ability of the students to overcome the “paper walls”. The paper walls can be the difficulties in the access to a country (documents) but also the difficulties in the integration.

With this podcast we will show you the experience of some students that have come to Italy or that already lived in Italy but moved in another Region: a Russian girl, two a girl and a boy from Vietnam, a boy from Camerun and an Italian girl.

We have developed some philosophical concepts learned during our classes and we have applied them to reality. The pieces of music we have chosen will accompany you along these journeys. 

This podcast available in English is produced by Miriam Galati, Sophia Lidia Cataldi, Andrea Lupo and Roberta Riccobono as part of the university course “Politics of Migration and Human Rights” conducted by Professor Clelia Bartoli at the University of Palermo.

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