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#Noises – Nuage Dansant – a journey in Eurodance

#Noises – Nuage Dansant – a journey in Eurodance

At the same time post-Soviet and post-Maastricht, Eurodance is the frenzy of the 90’s, of the children we were at that time, bathed in this too joyful soup at 150 bpm. Rediscovering these divas and their furious refrains of dreadful efficiency, in a pre-mortem record industry, it is perhaps to reconnect with a certain carelessness that we miss. A playlist drawn from a personal memory and a self-generated memorial on today’s web and networks. Departure to Ukraine. Year 1990.

A musicale proposal by Margaux Lacoste, Yakub Özdemir and Florian Buffard


Камалия – В стиле техно

Фантом 2 – Я досягну

Аква Віта – Женьмінь жібао

Ольга Юнакова – Я за любов’ю полечу 

Iрина Білик – Дай руку мені

Ivan Gavrilovic – Tvoja sudbina

Isabella – Czy Znasz Dni

Energija – Tebi treba hrabrost 

Выше неба – Демо

Reflex -Последнее свидание 

Infiniti – Я чужая

Virus – Devchonka

Диана Гурцкая – Нежная

Акула – Полюби

Алла Горбачёва – Напиши

Монокини – Все отдала

Наталья Подольская – Поздно

Диана – Не Целуй Её

t.A.T.u. – Робот 

Юлия Савичева – Седьмое Небо 

INTERVIEW at 1:07:00

Nina – The reason is you

Pharao – World of magic

Mister president – Take me to the limit

Leila K – Electric

Dina – Bli hos meg

Smile – Butterfly

E Type – Rusian Lullaby

Aqua – Roses are red

Me and My – Dub i Dub

Crispy – Licky Licky

Whigfield – I want to love

2 Unlimited – Faces

Twenty 4 seven – Slave to the music

Paradisio – Bandolero

The immortals – Techno syndrome

2 Fabiola – Flashback

Davinia – Siempre di piu

Eiffel 65 – My console

Fourteen 14 – Don’t leave me

MO DO – Supergut

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