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#Noises – Experiencing hospitality: a history of dates

#Noises – Experiencing hospitality: a history of dates

Palermo, October 2018. Tracing oneself back to the city, following a thread always within reach, one that cannot not be pilfered or bardered. Open your eyes and greet the city: a date freshly fallen from a palm tree. I slipped it into my pocket.  I saw the date as a clear sign, but a sign of what?

What was this date telling me? In the few days I had spent in Palermo, it struck me as a symbol, a link between a past history and a terrible present. It became the materialisation of human, cultural and commercial exchanges, movements… at the crossroads between East and West, between Europe and Africa.  

This question came up in the most obvious of ways, with the pressing matter of migrants, these foreigners, these others that we try to push back out, beyond our borders. This was my starting point.  

From there, the process became far less complex: an exploration of the relationship to the other, this double movement of welcoming…or not…

Excerpts from recordings made in the streets of Palermo, on café terraces or in the privacy of a kitchen, between November 2018 and December 2019, with Aurelio, Lamine, Francesca, Claudio, Nader, Ahmed, Fabio and the youth of Danisini, Maria and Salvatore, Claudia, Amadou, Manlio and Agostina.

Picture of a postcard © Cécile Funke
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