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Mayday mayday: Rights in quarantine

Mayday mayday: Rights in quarantine

In this radio episode we are going to analyze the topic of quarantine-ships from a juridical, philosophical and social point of view. The complexity of this matter focuses on an issue that is still open and not completely solved: the legitimacy of a normative system which does not ensure the fundamental rights of the individual, the principle of equality and non-discrimination. The experts we interviewed, analyzed this complex issue, highlighting the critical points. The story that emerges is made up by countless micro-stories of lives who risk shipwrecking right behind our homes, in the name of “public security”.

This podcast available in English is produced by Maria Chiara De Luca, Rossela Melluso, Eva Moriconi, Federica Pani and Cristina Siddiolo as part of the university course “Politics of Migration and Human Rights” conducted by Professor Clelia Bartoli at the University of Palermo.

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