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#Exploration – Many Beginnings Part. 1 (FR,EN)

#Exploration – Many Beginnings Part. 1 (FR,EN)

For Hannah Arendt, the source of freedom lies in each person’s ability to be a new beginning and to start “a world anew”. She warns us about the need to protect this ability to begin. The raison d’être of the human is thus twofold: the call to “human spontaneity” and the refusal of its destruction.  “We need more accurate cartographies, less rhetorical and more attached to a geometry of transversal political passions. “Where can we guess? Practical paths?

A podcast in two parts directed by Pascal Brunet and Shelly De Vito.
With the participation of Laurence Allard, Laurence Barone, Marie-José Malis and James Porter.
Readings by Pascal Brunet, Shelly De Vito and Céline Lanfranco.
Audio by James Porter, musical extracts Push the sky away Nick Cave.

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