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#Exploration – We are women but not only that… (FR)

#Exploration – We are women but not only that… (FR)

Here, being a woman is above all about being a part of this world.

And Beyond Languages Building a Story

To live in an interstitial zone (Ali’mentation Générale) is to be confronted with a hybrid world, uncertain of its definition, its project, its values. It means taking the risk of undifferentiation, of the confusion of languages, it also means asserting the need to tell the story, that is to say to put the pieces back together, in a more or less coherent way, it also means asserting a direction in the surrounding chaos.

Part. 1 –

Capsule 0- Ulysses upside down 

Henri left on a road trip to the USA, to get away from La gare mondiale and more generally from the theatre. Christelle comments on what we have just heard… it reminds her of a period in her life, the end of a cycle…. That’s when her sister introduces her to Ali’mentation. General…

Capsule I: Lost in translation 

It starts with an exchange using a smartphone and Google Translator. Natacha negotiates a work of embrodiery of the fresco of the Mostar bridge overcast at the Ali’mentation Générale. Turkish is spoken… Later we are in Redeyeff. And later still at the scrap yard in Palermo…

Capsule II BerBerShop

BerBer Shop is the contraction of Berlin and Bergerac, i.e. the bringing together of two districts, that of Jean Moulin and Kottbusser Tor. It is above all a meeting with Stefan and Julia and their place Kotti Shop, but it is also a trip to Berlin for the inhabitants of the quarter of Jean Moulin.

Part. 2

Capsule III Ali’m speaks

It is a narrative, a first-person narrative, that of a physical place that retraces its history through the women who inhabit it. Fragments of sounds and stories emerge from this narrative as intrusions into the intimacy of a commonplace under construction. 

Capsule IV Little prince has become great

A look back at L’Etabli, which is accompanying Ali’mentation Générale in its redefinition, but also at the La Catte district through the experience of a young rapper who has grown up. A discreet reminder of an experience that began in 2001 with the creation of the Lieu de Fabrique Artistique, La gare mondiale.

The programme was produced as part of the Summer Learning Programme with the participation of all the members of Ali’mentation Générale, the CIDFF, the Centre Social Jean Moulin and Kotti Shop, the Etabli and MCF. Participants in the presentation of the Bergamote programme were Claus, Christelle De Conti, Céline Lanfranco, Pascal Brunet, Anthony Bacchetta and Henri Devier. This project is part of the Contrat de Ville (Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Communauté d’Agglomération Bergeracoise, Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la protection des populations)

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