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#Exploration – Responsactivity: storytelling otherwise (FR, EN)

#Exploration – Responsactivity: storytelling otherwise (FR, EN)

Communing is a culture of negotiation, first of all: with oneself. Do I have this right to be negligent with the group, with the society as a whole, with the nature? Do I have the right to interrupt what is happening? Despite everything that poisons us and that we poison… it is also a culture of collective negotiation.

Our collective ecology could be based on slow negotiations to help re-imagine our institutions. Following the example of the philosopher Isabelle Stengers, who pleads for “slow research”, we need to create the conditions that force institutions to self-reflect, to think about the stories in which they are involved.
Institutions that are reflexive and immersed in what goes on through society that would resist shortcuts, conveniences, simplicities… all those negligences that make it impossible for new ways of acting together to emerge.

In this process of reshaping our institutions, producers, directors, artists, activists, today act to defend and reclaim territories, including territories of fiction. Taking a constructive look at the neglected areas of their respective industries, they propose new narratives, new imaginations, which can reaffirm art and culture in its potential of transformation, defending their values while sometimes confronting adverse political realities.

Around these questions, we are going to meet :

  • Joanna Szymańska, a Polish producer (SHIPsBOY). In addition to her activities as a producer and co-producer of committed independent films, Joanna is a member of the boards of the Polish Film Institute and the European Film Academy,
  • Elhum Shakerifar, a UK-based Anglo-Iranian documentary producer (Hakawati), alumna EAVE, participating in the British cultural sector’s call on her government to reconsider the country’s withdrawal from the Creative Europe programme,
  • Edyta Janczak-Hiriart, a French-Polish producer (Kometa Films), alumna EAVE, Manon Messiant (Iliade&Films and Comet Films collective) and Valentin Noujaïm a director, around the making of the queer fiction short film “Les filles destinées”.

You will find here in PDF the transcript of the speakers’ contributions.

Reading of passages, in order of broadcast:

  • LE GUIN Ursula K., The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction texte of 1986. Source : excerpt from a book entitled Dancing on the edge of the world published in French by Éditions de l’éclat. Here is the original text in English. You can also find a translation in French by Aurélien Gabriel Cohen on the this website
  • ATTIA Kader, visual artist, « La réparation c’est la conscience de la blessure » in Décolonisons les arts ! under the direction of Leïla Cukierman, Gerty Dambury and Françoise Vergès, l’Arche, 2018
  • VERGES Françoise, « Décolonisons les arts! Un long, difficile et passionnant combat » in Décolonisons les arts ! under the direction of Leïla Cukierman, Gerty Dambury and Françoise Vergès, l’Arche, 2018
  • SAXE Susan, “Une question stupide” in Reclaim, Anthology of ecofeminist texts, by Emilie Hache, translate by Emilie Noteris, Editions Cambourakis, 2016

Sounds collected during the feminist demonstration at the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris on 11 July 2020.

Musical excerpt: Triangle Walks by Fever Ray, 2009, Label Rabid 

To go further:

The web sites of the professionals involved in this podcast:

Some references mentioned throughout the podcast:

  • Sarah Maldoror, a French director of some 40 films, she actively took part in the African Independence Movements.
  • Euzhan Palcy, a French director, scriptwriter, producer. In 1983, she directed Rue Cases-Nègres, which received the César for best first film, the Silver Lion and the Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival.
  • Paul Vecchiali, a French producer, director and actor whose films deal with the themes of AIDS, sexuality, the death penalty and religion.
  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder, a German filmmaker, his work includes a total of more than 44 different projects. He is considered one of the world’s greatest filmmakers and a source of influence for many authors. He is part of that generation of German directors who have breathed new life into German cinema.
  • Variety’s article on Poland’s LGBT filmmakers (among which Joanna Szymanska) raising their cinematic voices.
  • An interview with producer Elhum Shakerifar: “How Are We Going to Challenge the Industry’s In-Built Elitism?”
  • Speech by Michaela Coel presented at the 43rd MacTaggart Award at the Edinburgh TV festival (2018). In her speech, Michaela Coel breaks all kinds of taboos, she reflects on misfits and shares her feelings about her sexual assault. There is a PDF transcript of this speech.
  • Brown Girls Doc Mafia, an initiative advocating for over 3,300 women and non-binary people of color working in the documentary film industry around the world. “We fight inequality by building community and sharing resources, nourishing our creative brilliance, demanding access and visibility in creative and professional environments, enriching our community with the knowledge to sustain ourselves financially, and by cutting through oppressive industry structures to advocate for our members.”
  • L’étoile Bleue, Avant d’oublier Héliopolis and Les filles destinées, 3 short films directed by Valentin Noujaïm.

A podcast directed by Esther Destres, Florence Diez and Céline Lanfranco 

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