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#Exploration – Cultivating an inhabited territory (FR)

#Exploration – Cultivating an inhabited territory (FR)

“We inhabit the world by moving through it, not by walking through its outer surface. In this experience, our knowledge does not result from an external accumulation; it develops and unfolds within our earthly being. We develop in the world in the same way that the world develops within us. (…)» Tim Ingold 

Through a journey to the garden-city of the French La noue-Clos neighborhood in Montreuil, in Seine-Saint-Denis, we explore the construction of a territory to be re-imagined, the possibility of creating a more harmonious space of cohabitation that would take into account the diversity of life forms, our existential and cultural singularities. Listening to an eggplant leaf or a bee, planting salads, building a hut, screwing, sawing, listening to the sound of earthworms, as small steps to transform our relationships with multiple existences, recognizing our interdependencies and apprehending new “Ways of being alive “* more humble and welcoming *B.Morizot. 

“Are our processes of knowledge and imagination part of an existential engagement with the world in which we find ourselves? (…) How do knowledge and imagination enable us and the creatures around us to be?” Tim Ingold 

This sound object, between documentary and essay, explores our links to the living and gives voice to life in its most vivid expression: a sound composition of human and non-human activities and languages, on an inhabited territory that is as much geographical as it is relational.  This sound exploration of the living world goes from macro to micro, from the sky to the subsoil, and from all terrestrial activities of construction and communication. a kind of sensitive and experimental attempt to question the quality of our presence in the world as inhabitants.  

Directed by Cécile Funke, with the participation of the artist Karine Bonneval, the initiator of the urban farm project Jean-Roch Bonnin, Dominique and Magda from the association On sème tous, bearer of the urban farm project, Fatia and the inhabitants of the neighborhood met along the way, the children and animators of the Maison de Quartier, Cléo.

Excerpts Reading by Cécile Funke : Manners of Being Alive, Baptiste Morizot, Walking with the Dragons, Tim Ingold and the Urban Farm Project Brochure.
By Cléo: Sound labels “Ecouter la terre” by Karine Bonneval

To go forward: “Mélodies en sous-sol“, Christelle Granja in Libération
The video Living Planet: The sound of soil
Agir pour le Vivant.

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