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#Exploration – Feminine Artivism in Middle East (EN)

#Exploration – Feminine Artivism in Middle East (EN)

The art of storytelling, the art of stories, is the subject explored by this first session of “Assemblea delle Lucciole”/diARiA, from Palermo, Sicily. Storytelling is a popular art form which has been revitalized as a performance art and as a community form of sharing and building. With the words, sounds and stories of creative female artists and cultural producers from the Middle East, we explore artivism (arts and activism), particularly through the community storyteller Sally Shalabi in Jordan and so in the Middle East, drawing on a postcolonial and intersectional feminism perspective that puts light on the female creative agency. 

Storytelling and sharing stories or “Cerchi di Parola” is also the practice of a community of women in a multicultural space “Casa di Ramia” in Verona, Italy. And we move also to the singer and songwriter Badiaa Bouhrizi in Tunisia who is the griot – the conteuse– with her Tunisian, Amazigh and African sounds.

A podcast by Marta Bellingreri (diARia)
With the participation of Sally Shalabi, Livia Alga and Fatima Lebròn (Casa di Ramia) and Badiaa Bouhrizi.
Interviews/Conversations by/with Marta Bellingreri.
Audio/Editing by Daniele Crisci (diAriA), musical excerpts Sahar Khalife and Badiaa Bouhrizi.

In the podcast:
00:00:00 Music “Shams” of Sahar Khalife and Introduction (English)
A Conversation with Sally Shalabi (English)
00:54:14 Sally Shalabi Story “Al-Laymoona” (Arabic)
01:04: 58 Cerchi di Parola at “Casa di Ramia” (Italian)
01:34: 50 Une conversation avec Badiaa Bouhrizi (French)

To go further: 
The story of Sally Shalabi on soundcloud
The video Sally Shalabi’s TedX Talk, “Kan ya makan; reviving the tradition of storytelling.
The website Laboratoire Saperi Situati
The workshop video of Sahar Kafire “Hob Zaman”.

Pictures’ Captions: 

Photo Sally Shalabi storyteller in Amman, Jordan
Photo Sahar Khalife at a storytelling event in Amman, Jordan
”La Derviscia”  Calligrafia Araba di Amjed Rifaie , illustrazione di Valentina Cocciolo il sito web: 

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