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#Exploration – A trans-making journey (EN, ES)

#Exploration – A trans-making journey (EN, ES)

The objective of trans-making, the EU Horizon 2020 project, is to strengthen research capacities, through exchange of knowledge, expertise, skills and experiences between academic and non-academic partners from Europe and Third Countries. Transmaking is then a programme of shared research.

Starting from some components of the project – its trans-disciplinarity, its geography, its methodology (participatory, field-based, art-based), its rhythm (a research journey through different places or just one) and its diversity of topics, 3 conversations and an original sound work explore different skills and knowledge-sharing situations, thus inviting us to reflect on the making of knowledge.

1st conversation: Viewpoints crossing fields – an example of different paths within a shared research field (in English at 00:01:20)

Focusing on the Cabanyal area of Valencia, an interview is run with Raul Abeledo Sanchis from University of Valencia by Ivor Davies, Relais Culture Europe, in articulation with a conversation with Oscar Blanco from University of Valencia, Maïté Mazel from Citema, Cetona, Italy and Fabienne Trotte from Relais Culture Europe, Paris, France.

Find here the Gastronomic guide of Valencia’s migrants of Oscar Blanco.

2nd conversation: Being host, being hosted (in English at 00:33:14)

This second slot explores the theme – Being host, being hosted – as an introduction about hospitality, horizontality and porosity. 2 participants from the project Charlotte Perrin, visual artist and co-creator of El Taller Tres – Santiago de Chile and Gökhan Mura, Assistant Professor in the Visual Communication Design department at Izmir University of Economics, Turkey have been invited to enter into conversation based on their reciprocal experiences.

You will find here their text accompanying this conversation.

3rd conversation: Shaping a Concept/Idea, Shaping an Object (in Spanish at 01:01:33)

This slot explores the Making as a Research Methodology – with Maïté Mazel, director of Citema in Cetona – Italy, interviewing Francisco Morillas, doctor in Mathematics, from the University  of Valencia.

The investigations of Francisco are focused on practice. How, from an applied point of view, maths are used in art: classical geometric bodies, fractals objects… and how to visualize them using computational and craft techniques. In Cetona, he has been developing his research together with Franco Cicerchia, artist-ceramist.

An artistic research story (at 01:21:04)

Haris Sahačić is a sound artist based in Sarajevo, working for the Association for Culture and Art CRVENA. He has run his art-based research programme since June 2017 in Ljubljana on “Quintessence as public space” in close cooperation with the Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The podcast is directed by Ivor Davies and Fabienne Trotte, with the contribution and participation of: Raul Abeledo Sanchis, Oscar Blanco, Maïté Mazel, Charlotte Perrin, Gökhan Mura, Francisco Morillas and Haris Sahačić.

The trans-making project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement n°734855.

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