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#Conversations – Learning. Searching. (FR)

#Conversations – Learning. Searching. (FR)

Opening up, understanding, adapting, experimenting… Building a creative Europe, means giving oneself the capacity to act in this unprecedented moment and opening up fields of cultural research and investigation to the most accurate picture of the state of our societies. What capacities should we invest in? How to approach the question of research in our professions? What fields should we open collectively? What new tools should be deployed?

As every week, this new series of episodes ends with a debate. For this time of exchange, we have brought together Laure Coudret-Laut (director of the Erasmus Agency + France Education-Formation), Marie-Laurence Com (European Projects and Lobbying Officer – South Region – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), Jeff Israely (founder – Worldcrunch) and Alexandre Gurita (director of l’ENDA and the Biennale de Paris) around the field of investigation “Learning. Searching”. This is an opportunity to share feedback on the upheavals of recent months and to address numerous issues at the heart of the current transformations in our societies: training, new modes of information, mobility of young people, content diffusion, artistic education…

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