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#Conversations – Create. Give acces. (FR)

#Conversations – Create. Give acces. (FR)

Art, skills, knowledge… Building a creative Europe also means preserving, creating and circulating the resources we need (socially, democratically, etc.) in all their diversity and imagining together more sustainable modes of production. What resources are created and distributed? Under what conditions? How are they produced and made accessible? Mia Habis (choreographer and artistic director – Bipod and Moultaka Laymoun), Hannelore Guittet (co-founder – NoMadMusic) and Axelle Benaich (founder – La Fabulerie) discussed the issues of access to creation. It was an opportunity to share analyses on the new artistic practices that have emerged or become stronger with the health crisis and on the role of digital technology in bringing together artists, the public and professionals.

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