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Shelly De Vito & James Porter

Shelly De Vito & James Porter

James Porter and Shelly De Vito founded Les Moulins de Paillard, a contemporary arts centre in the French Loir Valley.  Through the production and promotion of visual and performing arts and artists, they pursue and encourage the exchange of contemporary thought. They have programmed performances such as Jon Gibson’s Visitations 1 and 2, Odile Duboc’s 3 Boléros pas de deux, Ellen Fullman’s Long String Instrument, Merce Cunningham’s Event as well as many works by composer Tom Johnson with the Ensemble Offrandes.

As curators they have produced over 20 exhibitions including : Ellipsis in 2010 with the Wooster Group, Anja Kirscher and Ricardo Lanzarini, Schizo-culture + Carabine 2016 which included works of The Otolith Group, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Gordon Matta Clark, Only Six Buckets for all this Water in 2016 with the works of Claire Adelfang and Andreï Tarkovski, and in 2020, Extracted Foreign Bodies featuring the works of Claire Chevrier and Ali Kazma.

In the last ten years, there have been numerous solo exhibitions at Paillard with Richard Serra, Robert Smithson, Siobhan Davies, Francisco Tropa, Katinka Bock with Guillaume Leblon, Simon Boudvin and many others.

James Porter and Shelly De Vito have three ongoing research projects: Ergot du Seigle since 2015, The Anthology of Fred Ott’s Sneeze started in 2014, and more recently Disjecta Membra – the musical history in discord.

Les Moulins de Paillard is a not-for-profit organisation recognized by the French state as an organism for the common good and has been awarded the label of Atelier de Fabrique Artistique for its residency program.  The Ministry of Culture, the Region Pays de la Loire, the Department of the Sarthe, the Community of Communes Loir Lucé Bercé and the towns of Montval sur Loir and Loir en Vallée provide support to Les Moulins de Paillard

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