Radio Commons is a European, international web radio, conceived as a platform to explore Europe and the contemporary world, which aims to connect the scientific, artistic and cultural scenes, to think about practicing solidarity.

Radio Commons is based on an ecosystem of actors and practices that are both highly autonomous and highly interdependent: individuals, institutions, collectives… More than just bringing people together, it is a question of creating alliances between actors who wish to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills among citizens…

Coming from several disciplines, the players involved in the project have the common point of being deeply rooted in their territory, of developing innovative practices of European cooperation and of experimenting with new types of organisation. It is this richness that makes Radio Commons a resolutely open and European project.

Radio Commons, a governance

Radio Commons is an “ecosystem” of actors and practices that are at the same time very autonomous and interdependent.

The implementation of Radio Commons requires the building of alliances between actors of very different statuses:

  •  people
  • institutions
  • campaigning organisations
  • groups
  • corporations
  • academics

More than just bringing together actors of different natures, statuses and functions, it is about creating alliances between actors willing to organize a circulation of knowledge, skills, etc.


Radio Commons is a citizen cooperative system articulating talents, infrastructures and investments to serve a strategy of research and action.

This requires a capacity:

  • to respect the autonomy of each programme publisher – each publisher is free and fully responsible for the design and production of their programme.
  • to articulate these autonomous remarks in a commons – numerous places of consultation and exchange making it possible to create links between each publisher.


Radio Commons, an approach of diversity

It is not just about having a simple international or interdisciplinary approach, but about inventing reading grids:

  • interference and interconnection
  • gaining an understanding of contemporary realities


On the Radio Commons site are accessible:

  • Podcasts of the shows


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