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#Noises – Nuage Dansant – a journey in Eurodance

#Noises – Nuage Dansant – a journey in Eurodance

At the same time post-Soviet and post-Maastricht, Eurodance is the frenzy of the 90’s, of the children we were at that time, bathed in this too joyful soup at 150 bpm. Rediscovering these divas and their furious refrains of dreadful efficiency, in a pre-mortem record industry, it is perhaps to reconnect with a certain carelessness that we miss. A playlist drawn from a personal memory and a self-generated memorial on today’s web and networks. Departure to Ukraine. Year 1990.

A musicale proposal by Margaux Lacoste, Yakub Özdemir and Florian Buffard

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